Based in Malta driven by a collective of technologists, industry experts and academics who share the belief that the distributed ledger technology will disrupt the way transactions and agreements are executed. Ultimately, this will lead to the creation of an economy and society that is more inclusive and transparent.

Focused on Research and development to transition DLT from theory to reality by building cutting-edge platforms and innovative applications for State and private enterprise use.

This puts us at the forefront of the second generation of the Internet which will enable true, peer-to-peer exchange of both information and value.

The Company has an exclusive partnership with The Bitfury Group to offer blockchain solutions in Malta.

David Schranz


David Schranz’s track record as a leading entrepreneur, innovator, software designer and game changer, within the IT sector is second to none. Aside from his involvement with Ledger Projects he is the founder and CEO of Dakar Software Systems. In Malta, Dakar’s name is synonymous with People Management Software. David has over 35 years experience in this field, his love affair with IT started in his early teens, just when this modern technology was fast evolving. David earned his M.Sc in IT from the University of Liverpool.

Dr. Abdalla Kablan

Science & Technology Mentor

Fintech expert, data scientist, futurologist, and award winning keynote speaker. Dr Kablan helps to bridge the gap between technology and the industry by mentoring our tech team and advising our Board on the latest trends in the world of decentralised distributed ledgers.

Sarah Mamo


Dr Sarah Mamo was a senior associate at MamoTCV acting as legal counsel for a number of Malta’s leading establishments operating in Financial Services, Real Estate and Commerce. Dr Mamo graduated from the University of Malta in 2004 and also completed a Masters In Business Administration at the University of Warwick in 2013.

Matthew Sacco


Matthew’s diverse interests in disruptive technology is the reason which led him to join Ledger Projects. His passion for sports and reading drives him to indulge in new and prospective projects, collaborating extensively with his colleagues to ultimately achieve something far greater. He’s also one that envisions the power of DLT harmonising various sectors of society benefitting the many involved.

Daniele Favi

Web & Blockchain Developer

Daniele is a computer engineer, web and blockchain developer.
Daniele has years of experience in designing and developing web apps. Passionate about Blockchain and AI, he believes that the software developer is on the first line of nowadays revolution; that’s why he joined Ledger Projects.

Dylan Schembri


Dylan is a blockchain enthusiast and a graduate in Computing and Business. His passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies arose after carrying out a research for his dissertation on the applications of blockchain technology. He is a firm believer that blockchain will revolutionise and disrupt technology as we know it.

LP01 Project

LP 01 is Malta’s first DLT application and was presented to the public on the 28th September 2017 at an event presided by The Hon Silvio Schembri Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation at the Office of the Prime Minister.

LP 01 is a property transfer management system created to facilitate notarial work through the use of distributed Ledger Technology. It is intended to assist and “empower” notaries handling property transfers, allowing these professionals to upload contracts, from a promise of sale onwards, to the blockchain.

The platform offers a business inheritance tool for authorities, who will have access to real-time information on sales of properties in the country, thus providing important data including the localities experiencing high rates of property transfers as well as the prices at which properties are being sold.



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